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LanguageBox is the next evolution of Simultaneous Interpretation, a complete smart solution for international business development:

  • Precise Machine Simultaneous Interpretation

  • Smart Shorthand

  • Mobile Conference Room Management

  • Remote Translation Services


Based on large data neural networks, LanguageBox combines natural language speech processing with accurate corpus data training producing the highest quality machine translation. LanguageBox is designed to accommodate simultaneous interpretation needs of various enterprise users such as educational institutions, companies and corporations, government, or international businesses.

Your Translation Solution
Flexible-Use Partnership
  • Provide on-demand simultaneous interpretation for your specific environment.

  • Reduce time and increase efficiency of your simultaneous language interpretation services.

  • Bring next generation language services to your attendees.

Various Product Modes
How It Works
  • AI-powered real-time multilingual simultaneous interpretation from audio, video, and other presentation media.

  • User friendly interface standards HDMI and 3.5mm audio jack for easy integration to various meeting scenarios including web meeting platforms.

  • Complete conference content management, with industry specific vocabulary databases, and edit post meeting content for interpretation correctness.

  • Diversified working modes and remote accessibility capable of many different business meeting arrangements.

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